CNG Dispenser

Made completly in North America and feature rich, a Janasi CNG dispnser is the solution to any of your dispensing needs. From a simple fill post for fleet trailers or a dual hose car dispnser Janasi platform will stand up and perform year afer year.

Four hose simultaneous dispensing 

model introduced installed in the field.


  • Actuated Ball Valves always full bore 3/4”, 6 in total 3 per hose.

  • 3/4” tubing for Bus and 1/2” tubing for Car dispensers.

  • In line coalescing filters, 3 in total, 1 per bank.

  • Individual bleed valves for all three filters.

  • Individual bleed valves for both the hoses.

  • Stainless Steel enclosure.

  • 2 Alpha Numeric LCDs which will have the diagnostic data.

  • 2  Keypads.

  • 4 Transducers 2 per hose so that they are cross checking against each other all the time.

  • 2 Serial Ports 1 RS485/232 and 1 RS485 for modbus to Mirco Motion.

  • Gilbarco interface.

  • Pulse output for Legacy consoles.

  • LAN port for Eagleeye or MODBUS TCP/IP

  • Vibration sensor in case the dispenser is shaken. 

  • Metering precision: ± 0.5%.

  • Capacity of Dispensers: 50kgs/ min for Car & 100 kg/min for Bus

  • Working temperature: -40 to +65°C

  • Methane sensor for detecting leaks within the dispenser.

  • Optional VGA purged screen.

  • Optional Printer in purged cabinet.

  • Optional Valve sensing for jammed or slow acting valves.

  • Optional nozzle and valve cycle counting for manufacturer recommended cycle maintenance.


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Victoria BC, V8Y1S1 

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