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With our budget friendly dispenser you get more for less. This model is ideal if you are looking for great quality and reliability at a low cost. Even at this price range our unit is able to over take most dispensers in aspects like fueling speeds and durability. Made completely in North America and feature rich, a Janasi CNG dispenser is the solution to any of your dispensing needs. 

CNG Basic Disp_edited.png


  • Flow rate of 50kg/min - 70kg/min.

  • Only available in 1/2” tubing.

  • Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves, 6 in total 3 per hose.

  • In line coalescing filters, 3 in total, 1 per bank.

  • Individual bleed valves for all three filters.

  • Individual bleed valves for both hoses.

  • Stainless Steel enclosure.

  • 2 Alpha Numeric LCDs which will have the diagnostic data.

  • 2  Keypads.

  • 4 Transducers 2 per hose so that they are cross checking against each other all the time.

  • 2 Serial Ports 1 RS485/232 and 1 RS485 for MODBUS to Flow Meter.

  • Pulse output for Legacy consoles.

  • LAN port for Eagle Eye or MODBUS TCP/IP.

  • Vibration sensor in case the dispenser is shaken. 

  • Metering precision: ± 0.5%.

  • Working temperature: -40 to +65°C

  • Methane sensor for detecting leaks within the dispenser.

  • Optional:

  1. VGA purged screen.

  2. Printer in purged cabinet.

  3. Valve sensing for jammed or slow acting valves.

  4. Nozzle and valve cycle counting for manufacturer recommended cycle maintenance.

Every unit includes a 1 year warranty up to hoses.
This unit can only be sold in Europe, Africa and Asia
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