Janasi is a trusted player in the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry with thousands of active installations spread out across the world. Decades of industry experience and design innovation have resulted in the most reliable and cost effective natural gas solutions available today.



Janasi’s complete in-house engineering and manufacturing allows for a outstanding product line that is extremely customizable for your entire fleet or customers' needs.

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Green: Vehicles that run on CNG create considerably less pollutants such as Nitrogen Oxides (N0x), particulate matter (PM), benzene and lead than petrol automobiles while also emitting around 30% less C02.

Low Price: Average vehicle consumption of CNG is relatively close to that of Diesel vehicles but it cost from 30% - 50s% less. 

Safe: Ignitions risks with CNG are extremely rare due to its high auto-ignition temperature, its narrow range of flammability and it lower density than air which prevents it from creating a flammable pool in case of leak.

Practical: Due to CNG's pure nature there is a noticeable increase in lubricating oils in the crankshaft of a vehicles engine, as they don't get diluted or contaminated. Moreover, CNG powered vehicles reduce noise by as much as 50% compared to diesel vehicles.